There aren't two the same guitars. Nor two identical guitarists nor two exact emotions you feel while playing. That's the fact, and the guitar's ability to surprise you is what all great guitarists call: "an instrument that inspires.

So why are some guitars so inspirational? That's the main question that drives us to create, design and build guitars.

The goal is to give you the tool you can rely on in every situation, but on the other hand, the instrument that keeps inspiring and surprising you every time you grab it.

My name is Szymon Kowalski. I’m a guitar builder who runs SKG Workshop.To cut a story short, I was lucky to grow up in a small cottage house next to my father’s carpentry workshop. So woodworking was always a part of my DNA.

Like many builders, I fell in love with vintage recreations. In my case, not because there’s a vast market for that, but mostly because I love to work old-fashioned, using old tools and recipes.

I’m happy to still have my father around, who’s now an SKG employee. We produce original but vintage-based guitars and pickups, and we ship our instruments worldwide.

Check what’s in stock, or contact us to create some tailor-made guitars just for you.

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