Welcome to SKG

At SKG we build guitars for players who are looking for craftmanship from golden ages of electric guitar. We are located in small village in Poland.Our work is based on individual customer service. I belive we can suit guitar for every guitarist.


The heart of every great electric guitar is high quality set of pickups.


Lightweight, seasoned tonewood is fundation of every great guitar


Each guitar is delivered safely in hard case

Szymon Kowalski

Since age of 16. I am obsessed with vintage guitars. Over last years I built and servided guitars for top guitarists from Poland. Now I am working on every guitar from start to finish. My goal is to make Guitars with warm and transparent tone and feel of old instrument.

Highest quality materials

Our building process starts with lightweight, seasoned tonewood. It is fundation of every great guitar. We give wood time to move, release stress and get used to be guitar. Every guitar from our workshop is finished with old formula nitrocellulose lacquer. We belive it is only way to get correct feel. The heart of every great electric guitar is good set of pickups. In SKG we handwound our pickups. Vintage correct magnets, wire and our special winding pattern provides us open, transparent and warm sound. Choise for our hardware starts with vintage style Kluson tuners. We use diffrent bridges such as Callaham, Mastery, Gotoh, Bigsby. Jescar fretwire, CTS Pots, CRL switches, Switchcraft jacks are standard option.